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    Forum Home Enhancements - solution

    day how to insert a block in vbulletin 4.2.5 to insert in the forum home and make it visible to a group of users? I inserted a script in the forumhome of but all the groups see it...
  2. Mini Mods - [delicjous] vB5 imgbb integration (cloud also!)

    Small addon to integrate imgbb to your forum.

    Looks totally like the addon from duckways.

    This is free, so please don't ask me if it is working. Try it or leave it ;-) Thanks
  3. BB Code Enhancements - BB code for

    from a Request made here -; this is a Simple BB code enhancement to embed items from to your forum.

    You can either import the XML...
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    Mini Mods - Create new thread button

    I made a mod for this in the past, but I decide to make it compatible with cloud.


    Just create a template and hook it to footer_before_body_end.

    Fill the template with...
  5. Add-On Releases - Cloudflare Registration Tools

    ***You must be running your site through Cloudflare and have "IP Geolocation" turned on for this product to work***

    Using the Cloudflare Geolocation header this product allows you to close...
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    Add-On Releases - Peel Away - Advertising

    Peel Away -- for vB 5.x.x -- By: Michael Alexcan

    This Product brought to you by
  7. Statistics Modifications - [BetoPho] Trending Threads

    [Important Note: This product won't work properly (or won't work at all) on PHP version below 7.0.0!]
    *product PHP version requirement has been added so this can only be installed on server with PHP...
  8. Moderators Functions - It shows a notice to the moderator when there are post denoun

    First I want to apologize for my English because I use the google translator. This is my second product, I hope it helps.The reason I made the product is that by default you only receive...
  9. Anti-Spam Options - [BetoPho] reCaptcha v3 Login Integration

    There are several requests to make this around the forum, so I guess I would contribute one.

    Product Information
    Provide reCaptcha intergration for vBulletin 4's login process that can check for...
  10. Forum Style - 140 Piece Free vBulletin Theme + Review 140 adet ücretsiz vbulletin tem

    1-2 site haricinde ciddi bir tema kaynağı bulamadım bunun üzerine piyasadaki tüm vbulletin temalarını ulaşımı kolay olsun diye Şuraya tek çatı altına topladım. Temalara zamanında uğraşıp emek verip...
  11. Social Group and Album Enhancements - TedSky! MeowQi.Com Free Images Hosting Combine

    Based on Duckways: image hosting integration, we have modified it to be a plugin for MeowQi.Com, a library system owned by TedSky!

    [SIZE="2"]In order to enable the...
  12. Miscellaneous Hacks - Increase Cost on bcrypt passwords

    Valid for vBulletin 5.4.5 and higher.

    As processors get more powerful, the time co-efficient to decode password hashes decreases. With vBulletin 5, you can increase the cost co-efficient so that...
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    Admin CP Style - vBulletin 5 Blue

    Blue style for your AdminCP.

    To install, unzip the enclosed file and upload the folder and its contents to the /core/cpstyles folder. ........

    For the full text, visit
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    Add-On Releases - List Builder for vBulletin


    Invite drive-by visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter with List Builder. List Builder provides email sign-up forms that are seamlessly integrated into your community, with no...
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    Mini Mods - Userprogress-Bar

    To force users to fill the profile you could set up different steps to get done before the widget is hiding. Every step has a css-icon, a lable for get done and done and a description for done and...
  16. Administrative and Maintenance Tools - vB5 Product Translation Tool

    I take no credit for this product. I just made some modification to be compatible with vBulletin 5.x (If not allowed, please remove the post)
    Link to original Author and product:...
  17. Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Clear Cache Scheduled Task by BOP5

    The purpose of this file is to clear the cache on a regular basis. Most site will not need this. Do not attempt to install it unless you have very good reason to.

    To use/install

    1) Download...
  18. Mini Mods - Reputation Number & Level in Postbit

    Reputation Number & Level in Postbit (works in 4.2.4)

    This took me quite a bit of time to figure out (I'm by no means an expert) and I...
  19. Board Optimization - Auto-detect Timezone - Simplify Registration

    I believe registration should be fast and simple. Almost all major social media accounts do not ask users to their timezone during registration and they still show content with the correct timestamp....
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    Forum Style - vbulletin 4 default v3 theme
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    Forum Style - Christmas [2018]

    [FONT="Century Gothic"]The following Christmas theme was created from VBulletin 4.2.5 and is intended for use on the current version. This theme has been tested in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. If issues...
  22. Forum Home Enhancements - Color in the forum link

    It will give you the colors you want to link to www in the forum and will provide an aesthetic appearance.

    just add to the top
  23. Integration with vBulletin - Advanced Google Analytics Integration (EU-GDPR)

    YAGAI ?!
    (Yet another Google Analytics Integration)

    No, obviously not really :cool: :p This is a complete and advanced one!

    This AddOn provides those feature for you and your forum:
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    Add-On Releases - vB5 Membermap

    -vBulletin 5 Membermap-

    What is this new Membermap Add-on?

    Like you might know from vB3 or vB4 or even other Forum-Software, some of your members would like to pin and show there location on...
  25. Mini Mods - prevent reduction of postcounter

    This is a small, neat modification which let you delete old threads and posts without making your users cry that their postcounter decreases with that action.

    While using this modification your...
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