Opening correct template/form after query

As a homely feeling to those moving across from other forum brands I have found that the introduction of the new terms channels etc has been less than warmly received.

So I ned to put what is already in there back into othe terms as that will allow transition time without frustration.

I have been using Advanced search as a "query builder" to experiment as JSON is not something I have used before but it is starting to kind of make sense.

The problem I have is i want the results from the query (search unread all, since last visit, only in these forums so it excludes RSS streams) but I need it to open in a template so the query results can be marked read/unread and so on.

The queries on there own I have been running from links in a "retasked" sub nav menu which is a perfect uncluttered place to put it so I need it to fitin there.

Any help appreciated