Hey Everyone,

Based on feedback from users, I want to make the login box easier to notice. As you can see here, the login/register stripe at the top of the page is easy to miss. I've not found anywhere in the Cloud version of VB to customize it.

I've already added a "Register" link in my navigation menu, because I was able to save the URL (right-click, etc)
But I cannot figure out what the actual URL would be to the login page, since the default login is just embedded at the top of the page.

Two questions:
#1 - Is there a full URL for a stand-alone login page?
#2 - How/where do i customize the background color/text of the "Login or Signup" bar with notifications, etc - that is at the very top of the page? As you can see on our page, it easily gets lost in the background.

Site: community.tlooutdoors.com