Me again ;)

Since our upgrade I've been getting reports from people having trouble logging into our forums. From what I've gleaned there are three different scenarios.

#1 Users must log in twice because the first time they log in they get redirected back to the index and are logged out. Logging in a second time works.
  • So far 2 people have reported that clearing their cache and deleting the cookies for the site have worked. At least 3 say that didn't work.

#2 Some users try to log in but they keep getting redirected to the index and are logged out no matter how many times they try logging in.
  • Nobody has reported this issue fixed after clearing cache and deleting the site cookies.

#3 A few users are reporting that the login button "disappears" once they enter their passwords and they can't log in.
  • Only 1 person has reported this being fixed by deleting cookies and clearing cache. At least 5 others have reported that this didn't fix the issue.

Forgot to mention that there are a few dozen people that have no problems logging in.