Hello all,

I've been racking my brain and beating my head against the wall for about 2 weeks now trying to understand why my forums are so daggone slow. I was on vb4 for site 1 and upgraded to vb5 back in december. No major issues on that one that I can tell. It's a very slow site. For site 2, I upgraded it about a month ago, and all was well for about 2 weeks, and then performance just tanked. It was too late to revert back to vb4 at that point, and I had already built up the CMS to work nearly as the old third party CMS had been laid out.

So my environment is as such;
It's a VPS at AWS Lightsail, running Plesk Obsidian. I have full control of everything that I need to do, so while its a VPS, it is its own VM, and AWS doesn't control anything.
PHP 7.4.18
MySQL 10.1.48
Running on FPM
Plesk 18.0.35

My reasoning in going with plesk is that a lot of activities to backup and manage the sites are easily done inside of the application. There have been some odd things to overcome, but I really dont think plesk is bothering things. Right now, everything works, but its just SLLLOOOWW within the forums. I've seen other similar posts where the AdminCP is responsive, and that is also the case here.

So, I started working through the DB tools, but I cannot get the PDO to work in my environment. So, of course you say thats a hosting issue...well sure, but PDO is enabled, and pdo_mysql is also enabled and showing up in a phpinfo page. So what gives?

My first thought was to do the dbcompare.phar as suggested by support last week, but I'm getting the following;
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: could not find driver in phar:///tmp/myisamfix.phar/myisamfix.php:7

Which brings back that I have checked php.ini, and plesk, and pdo and pdo_mysql are both enabled.

I get similar errors when I do the myisamfix.phar. What am I missing here? Thankfully the majority of my users are older...so they aren't as impatient as the younger folk, but my forums are not nearly busy enough to be burning up all the CPU that is being consumed.